Shout-outs for The Orange Volume:

BoingBoing: Awkward Robots Orange Volume: science fiction anthology to benefit the Clarion SF writers’ workshop  

  Clarion alumnus and instructor Cory Doctorow boosts The Orange Volume.

SFWA: Fundraiser for Clarion Writers Workshop

“Awkward Robots, AKA The cohesive Clarion class of 2012, is at it again. Last year they released The Red Volume and raised $1,500 for the Clarion Foundation. This year–just in time for Halloween—they’re following up with The Orange Volume. The eBook is available for pre-order this week on a pay-what-you-can basis, and goes live on October 31. Readers can snag a copy for free, or donate any amount from 99 cents up. All proceeds benefit the Clarion Foundation.”


Shout-outs for The Red Volume (2014):

Walter John Williams: Newly Available
     Kind words supporting the Red Volume from our Clarion week 4 instructor. review: Support Your New Faves with the Awkward Robots’ The Red Volume Anthology

 “…The Red Volume is as diverse as the genres it supports. Fantasy, horror—anything from ghosts to aliens to shapeshifters—line its pages…Many of the stories touch on the idea of home, both structural and emotional, and all of the grief and malevolent spirits that come attached.”

BoingBoing: The Red Volume: benefit anthology of stories by Clarion SF/F workshop grads
     Clarion alumnus and instructor Cory Doctorow touts The Red Volume.

Neil Gaiman gives The Red Volume a Twitter shout-out

Sword & Laser Podcast - #187 - How To Win A Hugo
     It somehow slipped beneath our radar, but S&L called us “possible future Hugo winners!” (around 15:00).

SF Signal: Clarion 2012 Releases Fundraiser Anthology

The Clarion class of 2012—known as the Awkward Robots—want to tell you a story. Or, more precisely, 17 stories. About post-singularity dreamscapes, gentrified haunted houses, and redcaps in the trenches at Verdun…”