Major Writing & Book Giveaways!

We are super excited to say we have some excellent prizes available for people who buy the Orange Volume between 23rd November and 14th December, at 11:59 Pacific:

Buy it here: –>

For the first two people who donate at $30, we are offering a story critique (up to 7,000 words) by three Awkward Robots. Sold!

For the first five people who donate at $50, Sam J. Miller will create a totally personal, totally one-off illustration of the animal/monster of their choice, engaged in the activity of their choice!

The first person to buy a copy of the Orange anthology for $100 gets a pristine, signed first edition of Chocolat signed by Joanne Harris. 

First to buy a copy for $250 gets a pristine, signed first edition of Jonathan Safran Foer’s debut, Everything is Illuminated, signed by Foer.

And for those with the deepest pockets, the first to buy the anthology for $300 or more will get a pristine, fresh out of the box copy of Algis Budrys’s, Writing to the Point first edition.

Algis Budrys taught at Clarion for many years and this is a rare book,  much in demand. New copies of it sell on Amazon for a whopping $500 each!!

(Thanks to Jim Shea, Edna Budrys and the Clarion Foundation for the book donations.)

We’ll keep the post updated with what prizes have gone, be sure to check back. 

Buy it here: –>

If you buy the volume, but don’t want a prize, let us know at

The Awkward Robots x

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